Short Breaks Foster Care Service

Social service for families caring for children with disabilities. The goal of the service is the prevention of social orphanhood

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Why parents caring for children with disabilities need help:

  • They are under constant physical and emotional strain
  • They are socially isolated
  • They cannot plan their lives
  • They need rest

A stay at a children’s home has destructive effects on child’s physical and psychological development.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 56% of children in children’s homes have physical development impairments and 82% have psychological development impairments


Solutions available without us

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    State Residential Institutions

    Having depleted their own resources, parents may place a child into a residential care institution

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    Social Services

    A family may receive a social service provided by the state called “Mother’s relief”, but only for 4 hours a month during working hours

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    Parents may get help from relatives or friends, but not everyone has this option


Solutions we offer

Peredishka — the first service in Russia that gives parents caring for children with disabilities the opportunity to get help from a specially trained professional family, placing the child with that family for a period of time. The service has positive effects on the situation in the family caring for a child with disability: parents receive much needed help and support in looking after the child, they can attend to pressing matters or simply get some rest; and a child learns to communicate with new people. The service lowers the level of stress in the family, improves the quality of life and helps to keep the child in the family.

Key Features of the Service

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    A family may count on receiving 360 hours or 15 days of Peredishka a year till the child turns 18 years old.

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    The service may be provided for varying periods of time, from a couple of hours to a few days, at the child’s home or that of the professional family’s, or perhaps where the child receives treatment.

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    Special attention is paid to selection and training of the professional families, as well as to monitoring and supervising the placement to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child.

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    The service is completely free for children and parents. The service is financed from the funds raised by the organization.

Stories of Children

We value the trust-based relationships we establish with children and families that enable us to successfully collaborate in achieving our main goal – keeping the child in the family.

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Our Achievements

Peredishka has been included in the list of recommended services in the National Strategy for Actions in the Interests of Children for 2012-2017.

State measures aimed at supporting children with disabilities and special needs.

“Creation and implementation of health visitors service

for families caring for children with disabilities and special needs provided by the district social workers; provision of the service of Peredishka (short term placement of children with disabilities into professional families)…”

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You can help children stay with their families!

100% of donations are spent on helping children and families!

350 rub – 1 hour «Передышки»
700 rub – 2 hours «Передышки»
1750 rub – 5 hours «Передышки»
3500 rub – 10 hours «Передышки»
8400 rub – 24 hours «Передышки»



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