Our Programmes:
  • Programme 1. Psychological and social aspects of work with child and family in crisis (72 hrs / 16 hrs).
  • Programme 2. Training and support of foster families.  Professional therapeutic families for children from families facing difficulties in life (24 hrs).
  • Programme 3. Short-term placement into a professional family of children experiencing difficulties in life (24 hrs).
  • Programme 4. Modern methodology and technologies of prevention of socially driven loss of parental care applied in work with families and children (80 hrs).
  • Programme 5. “Short Breaks Foster Care” – assistance to families of children with disability (46 hrs).
  • Programme 6. Family disputes and support of minors in court proceedings (72 hrs).


For further information about our programmes please contact us via e-mail: info@p4ec.ru or by telephone: +7 (812) 430 5988. 

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