Lena’s story

Lena is a friendly, active and curious girl. Just like other 7-year-olds, she enjoys playing with other kids, likes board games and even rides her adapted bicycle.

Lena suffers from cerebral palsy, verbal and motor disorders. She is also very anxious, and staying home alone gives her panic attacks. While Lena’s grandmother was alive, her mother was able to work and take her daughter for a walk or a swim in the evening and on weekends.

However, since grandma passed away, no one is there to help. Lena is unable to be alone, and her mother cannot even go to the nearest pharmacy.

⁃ Short Breaks Foster Care Service is my life savior! I could prepare papers for thekindergarten and renew Lena’s disability documents. I can without any doubts leave Lena with Eugenia, who is not only a reliable adult for me, but also a good friend for my beloved daughter, – says Julia, Lena’s mother.

Thanks to the support, Lena now goes to the kindergarten, and her mother is able to work. They are not alone and never again will be in this challenging life situation.

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