A professional family’s assistance is provided at the parents’ request for up to 360 hours per year. Parents entrust their child with special needs to a professional family for a period from 2 hours to 14 days in order to:

  • deal with urgent matters,
  • undergo medical treatment,
  • just have a short break,

whilst continuing to be loving and caring parents.

P4EC staff carry out monitoring and regular checks throughout the period when the child remains in the care of the professional family and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Remuneration of professional families is financed by P4EC from the funds raised by the organisation.

In the family providing a Short Breaks Service.


«I provide the Short Breaks Service since 2012. I love this job as it enables me to be of use to other people, to give mothers some respite and let them deal with urgent issues. I like working with children, it is very easy, especially when they are your friends», – says Varvara Rumyantseva.

Here is what professional families say:

«My collaboration with “Partnership for Every Child” within the ‘Short Breaks Service’ project has been going on for many years. Through provision of services to families with children with disability we help them resolve issues they face every day. What parents of children requiring permanent care and attention really need is free time! Not just time to manage domestic problems that every family has, but also to focus on personal issues of the parents, their health and respite. Parents trust us with their most precious – their kids who have special needs. We reciprocate with the time they can spend on themselves, to deal with their own challenges and needs», – Yulia Sattarova.

Yulia Sattarova has worked for “Short Breaks Service” for over 10 years. Her knowledge and experience helps her to work with children with multiple developmental disorders whose parents have every confidence that their children will have excellent care.

How to become a professional family

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