Vanya`s story

If you have nowhere to live, no money and no one to help you, it may seem that your baby will be better off with some other people – but one can nonetheless find a way out.  Nina’s family, where there are four children, received much needed help in a difficult situation from “Partnership for Every Child”

Vanya is the fourth child.  When Nina left for the maternity hospital to have him she did not think it would be possible for her to return home with the baby – the family, including three older children, previously living in a dilapidated house due to be demolished, was given a room to live as temporary accommodation, but there was no furniture and no space for the baby cot and other stuff.  Nina was at a loss and just ran away from the hospital, leaving baby Vanya in the care of the medical staff.  Her older children and multiple domestic challenges awaited her at home.

Guardianship authorities contacted “Partnership for Every Child” with a request for assistance.  Vanya was temporarily placed with a professional family so that the baby could grow and develop.  Nina and “Partnership” staff lodged a request for an additional room, with our help she was able to sort out the necessary documentation and get what was most needed for the baby – clothes, a cot, a pram…

Vanya spent 2 months with the professional family, he developed well, communicated with people and recognised familiar faces.  His mother managed to find time to visit him and, despite doubts about her ability to cope, took Vanya home as soon as child protection authorities issued the permission.  But Vanya’s engagement with the professional family continues – Galina visits him at Nina’s home, as a friend rather than professional, and helps to manage the children.  It is possible to overcome difficulties – the baby is back with his mother. 

You can help right now to ensure that children are never placed in a children’s home, even for a short time. 


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