The story of Sveta and her son

Sveta was brought up in an orphanage and has no relatives. She was so happy when Petya was born, though her relationship with Petya’s father didn’t work out.  The baby gave Sveta a lot of joy, and future seemed bright, until an unexpected illness made her stay ina hospital for a long time.Petya spent more than 2 months in a children’s hospital, and, given the circumstances, would have likely been placed in a children’s home. Thankfully, guardianship authorities asked Partnership For Every Child for their assistance in placing Petyawith a professional family where he could stay while his mother was receiving treatment.

For 6 months alreadyPetya is staying with his professional family. He is loved and taken care of.  The boy needs special treatment and medications. Professional parents visit doctors and thoroughly follow their recommendations. Everyday they call Sveta and tell her in detail about Petya’s growth and development.

Sveta’s greatest fear is that Petyawill be placed in an orphanage. She is dreaming about a day when she recovers from her illness and can be reunited with her dearest son.

Thanks to your supportPetya can remain with a professional family until his mother gets well.  Your help means a lot to this family. 


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