The story of a young family

Oksana and Pasha were previously both placed in psycho-neurological residential facilities.  Oksana has lived in institutions since birth, she has no family.  Pasha was placed into residential care at the age of 13, after his grandmother passed away.  His remaining family included a brother (who was in prison at the time) and an aunt who very quickly kicked both brothers out of their flat when her mother died.  That’s how Pasha ended up in an institution.

And that’s where the two of them met, first as friends. Pasha took care of Oksana, helped her with everything.  Soon the young people fell in love and got married.  In 2016 they had their baby daughter and we faced with a question about the future – it is not possible to live with a child in a residential institution for adults with psycho-neurological disorders. The usual practice is for the parents to give up the child.

The young family received help from the “Partnership for Every Child”, approached by the local child protection authorities with a request to find a professional family able to take in for a long period of time not just the baby but also her parents.

LiyaPetrovna, a skilled mother with an adult daughter and experience of raising several generations of adopted children, agreed to the request of the “Partnership” and became a professional mother for the young family.  Oksana, Pasha and their daughter continue to live with LiyaPetrovna, who helps the parents cope with their new responsibilities.

Theyoungfamily’slifeis getting better – Pavel has undergone vocational training and plans to start work very soon; Oksana copes with her duties as a mother.  LiyaPetrovna has trained the couple in many skills, from how to quieten a crying baby to how to sensibly plan the family budget.  This is very valuable knowledge for Pasha and Oksana who hardly ever lived independently.  Recently the couple were put on a waiting list for social housing. 

Oksana and Pasha’s family receive support from the staff of the “Partnership”, a step-by-step plan of work is in place.  They get help with legal and domestic issues.  The necessary support will continue. 

Funding is required to ensure that the programme “Road to Mum” goes on to help even more people in need. 

Your donation will help prevent a child’s separation with parents. 


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