Rodion’s story

‘Hi there! My name is Rodion, I am 4 years old. I likegoing out for a walk, watching cartoons and drawing colorful pictures. But most of all I love dogs.

Now I live with my mum and my stepdad, but it wasn’t always this way. My biological father became aggressive when I was born. The reason was my diagnosis – cerebral palsy. I can barely see anything and can’t really move by myself or talk. Father couldn’taccept my challenges, so my mum left him. She gave all her attention to me. She worked from home, sometimes even at night, to support us.

Now my stepdad works a lot. He often goes away on a business trip, and mum stays with my younger brother and me. We also get some help from Olya – a professional family from Short Breaks Foster Care Service. For the first time I met Olya when mum was expecting my brother. She continued to help us for several months after he was born.

Even now, my mum needs a break from time to time. I look forward to seeing Olya, she is fun. We play together and go for walks a lot. And mum can have some rest, do her stuff and spend time with my younger brother.


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