Katya’s story

Katya lives in a big family with her mum, dad and grandparents. Father and grandmother work a lot, while the mother takes care of Katya and grandfather. Katya has serious communication and motor disorders. She is 4, and just learning how to walk.

Katya’s mother sought assistance from the “Partnership for Every Child” in December 2013, when she realized she couldn’t cope by herself. There was no time even to do the kindergarten paperwork.

For more than 3 years now Katya’s mother can entrust a professional, young and energetic assistant Elena with care for her daughter on a regular basis several times a week. 

360 hours of Short Breaks Service annually enable the mother to have rest from her daily routine, take a deep breath and think about her own helth. It is very important, especially now, when she is expecting another baby!

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