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Active Family Support Service

Social programme that assists children and families in crisis and is aimed at prevention of social orphanhood


Why families in crisis need help:

  • A crisis has occurred and a family is unable to resolve it independently
  • A child is at risk of losing parental care
  • Parents do not have the ability to ensure that a child’s basic living needs are met

A stay at a children’s home has destructive effects on child’s physical and psychological development.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 56% of children in children’s homes have physical development impairments and 82% have psychological development impairments


Solutions available without us

Дорога к маме

Children’s homes

Temporary hardships in a family may lead to a child’s separation from the parents for ever

Дорога к маме

Social Services

Social services may be inaccessible or not respond to the needs of a specific family

Дорога к маме


Having exhausted their inner resources, a family may stop fighting to keep their child

Solutions we offer

Active Family Support Service provides emergency social help to children at risk of losing parental care or without parental care. Specialists assess the needs of a child, together with the parents make a specific plan to resolve the crisis and work on implementing it. Help is oriented towards the individual needs of the child and is aimed at keeping the child in the family. If necessary, a child may be temporarily placed into a specially trained professional family till the crisis is resolved.

Key Features of the Service

Mobile and Responsive

– a request for help is answered immediately, specialists go to the child’s location.

Comprehensive and Flexible

the child’s needs are thoroughly assessed and an individual action plan is put together


specialists are highly competent and have many years of experience


specialists work in close collaboration with children, their families and other stakeholders from government and non- government organizations


the service is completely free for children and parents. The service is financed from the funds raised by the organization.

Stories of Children

We value the trust-based relationships we establish with children and families that enable us to successfully collaborate in achieving our main goal – keeping the child in the family.

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«В Российской Федерации должны создаваться условия для обеспечения соблюдения прав и законных интересов ребенка в семье, своевременного выявления их нарушений и организации профилактической помощи семье и ребенку, обеспечения адресной поддержки нуждающихся в ней семей с детьми, оказавшимися в трудной жизненной ситуации…»


Раздел I, пункт 2. Ключевые принципы Национальной стратегии. Национальная стратегия действий в интересах детей на 2012 - 2017 годы.
(утв. Указом Президента РФ от 1 июня 2012 г. N 761).

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2500 roubles – cost of food per week for a family in crisis
3000 roubles – cost of clothing for 1 child