Поможем детям оставаться в семье

«“When your parents are with you, you are happy. You know that you are loved!”»

8 year old girl living in a children’s home


12 children are abandoned in Russia every day

  • about 90% of them have at least one living parent;
  • about 25% of them live in infant or children’s homes;
  • about 30% of them have disabilities;
  • only about 0.004% of them return to their families annually

There are two main reasons why children in Russia are separated from their parents

  • children have a disability or special needs;
  • parents are incapable of providing proper care to their children as a result of a whole range of socio-economic factors and parents’ personal characteristics;

We work so that every child grows up in a family

“Partnership for Every Child” is a team of professionals, who firmly believe that every child has a right to live in a safe and loving family – with his or her parents; and if that isn’t possible, then in a caring and competent professional family

Over 24 years of effective work preventing child and parent separation

Changing public opinion about social orphanhood

Sharing best Russian and international practices in work with children and families

Ourcontribution to solving the problem of social orphanhood in the Russian Federation

We create and implement innovative social services for children and their families

We respond to individual needs of every child at risk of losing parental care or left without parental care


Cоциальная программа помощи семьям, воспитывающим детей с инвалидностью, направленная на профилактику социального сиротства.
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Дорога к маме

Cоциальная программа помощи детям и семьям в кризисной ситуации с целью профилактики социального сиротства
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Вы можете помочь ребенку остаться в семье

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