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Partnership for Every Child’s vision is a world where every child lives in a safe and loving family which is supported to meet the child’s needs and develop the child’s abilities and potential.


Partnership for Every Child provides families and children with innovative and cost effective social services which meet the individual developmental needs of every child at risk of losing parental care or without parental care.


Reduction in the proportion of children without parental care in St Petersburg and Leningrad Region and in Russia as a whole.


P4EC Russia was founded in September 2009 by senior staff from the branch of EveryChild to continue EveryChild’s work in the Russian Federation since 1994 which has been focused on preventing loss of parental care for children and ensuring that where children do have to leave the care of their family, they are protected in a safe, secure family environment in keeping with the provisions of the UNCRC and other international instruments


We work in partnership with children, parents, non-governmental organizations in Russia and around the world, local authorities, regional and Federal governments to reduce the number of children left without parental care in Russia, with focus work in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

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Our team

The board

Dmitry Lilyakov

The Chief of the Board, The founder of ANKO Vozrozhdenie, entrepreneur

Yury Zachek

Business trainer, coach, Saint Petersburg

Oksana Bereznyak

General Director of "PORK"-EX”, Moscow

Stephen Tupper

International expert in the field of social entrepreneurship, the team leader for monitoring and evaluation of projects of the European Union

Vera Shvetsova

Russian expert in social work, former program Director of the Branch of the Charitable organization EveryChild (UK) in Russia

Maria Medvadeva

Entrepreneur, former chief accountant of P4EC Russia

Joanna Rogers

Strategic Development Director, P4EC Russia


Liudmila Sorokina


Jo Rogers

Strategic Development Director

Yulia Gontarenko

Trainer of social work

Lyuba Sautina

Communication Manager

Ksenia Berezhnaya

Head of the Prevention, Protection and, Reintegration Service

Elena Kandoba


Valentina Golova

Specialist in social work

Anna Egorova

Specialist in social work

Olga Moiseenkova

Specialist in social work

P4EC (Russia) is a member of the globalalliance

P4EC is a member of the global Alliance "Family for every child", which brings together NGOs from 27 countries. Together we work to ensure that more children grow up in a safe and secure family environment, create good practice in child protection, conduct research, share experiences and learn from each other, improving our work. (www.familyforeverychild.org)

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